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Okay, I hope you will read my long introduction as a consequence of visiting my profile, XD. Well my name is Christian John Rojo you may add sir / your highness if you want but whatever. You can call me Christian, Rojo or Niño (don't call me this unless we really know each other) I am mostly knows as aquajet16 in some forums I am posting in. I usually post in forums like SPPf, Marriland and gamespot. I am a Filipino thus I live in the Philippines. I am 16 years old and I was born in January 7, 1992. Greet me in my birthday if you don't well...just kidding XD. What else? um.. oh yes, a lot of people especially my family and friends say that I look like David Archuleta of American Idol O_o. Well, I do find that funny and intriguing hahaha.

Now about my personality, you've seen the in my badge right? Well I just have the common characteristics of an ENTP like being clever, arrogant, whatsoever. I usually hide my inner personality by being humble in class but there is more to my personality that my classmates haven't discovered. I am a know-it-all arrogant person who may seem to feel like I am always on top. I like to act like a meek and humble lamb in class since I just wanna avoid trouble and have lots of friends. So to any of my classmates reading this now, well that's the real me, XD. Now I am not bad if you think, people have also good and bad sides of their personality but I have also some good qualities if you know what I mean. I am optimistic, sympathetic at times, Though I prefer justice than mercy, I am a merciful too at times. I also have a sense of humor and that's just about it.

Well, I have a lot of hobbies and interest but I will just give what I am really going gaga about. For now I have a very high fandom for Dawn, a character in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Well, she's my first and only anime crush. I like her personality and she is also kinda cute with her cute eye lashes, her legs and her hot figure totally. Well deriving from my previous statement, it clearly shows that I am a fan of Pokemon. For sports, I am really good in Chess and Football, yeah right. My favorite sport is swimming though I am not that fast in swimming. My interests are shown below for you to see. Yeah, you may notice that my interests are somewhat "mixed" that's because of my flexible personality. I also like Competitive Battling in Pokemon and since Wi-Fi ended the days of the stupid link cable I am now I feel like I wanna play again but sadly I have no DS and even an SP, hehehe so I just play in Shoddy which is so boring with no sound, T_T.